Friday, February 27, 2009

Creative Bulletin Board

I just love this framed cork bulletin board. You can easily do it yourself. I discovered the ideas on It is a great way to organize your favorite wine corks and be able to tack up your to-do list all at the same time.

Create your own be following these steps:

1. Gather wine corks. Depending on the size of your frame you'll need about 50-100. Unless you've had a serious party, this is probably not something you'd do in one go. You can store them in a glass container for display as you amass your supplies.
2. Cut a piece of peg board or plywood to fit the interior of the frame (your local hardware store will generally do this for you if you know the dimensions).
3. Attach the peg board/plywood to the back of the frame.
4. Using wood glue or a glue gun, glue corks in place either side by side or 2 lengthwise followed by 2 sideways (they look best when the labels show). You may need to cut the a couple of corks (the ones on the side edges) lengthwise to fit the frame (scissors will do the trick)
5. Let the corks dry

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