Monday, February 9, 2009

Adhesive Wall Art

Dress up your child's room with adhesive art from Wall Candy Arts. Love them all!

Make your little girl's room feel like a palace with this amazing ChalkBoard wall decal from Wall Candy Arts. This wall graphic is the ultimate in stylish form and function. Write a note on the most beautiful ChalkBoard sticker art of them all! Louis XIV has nothing on this stunning wall art! Put it up and turn your room into a palace. Each kit includes one 31½x18½” ChalkBoard decal. Chalk is included.
*WallCandy Printed ChalkBoard Technology is Patent Pending
Price: $36.00

Plant a forest in your room with this blooming wall decoratiion. Birds, butterflies and flowers, oh my! Be green! Bring the beauty of nature inside with this amazingly versatile Season wall decal. You may even hear the wind rustling through the leaves.Each kit contains tree parts for 1 (65” tall) or 2 (45“ tall) trees, 28 leaves, 2 birds, 2 butterflies & 4 flowers.
Price: $54.00

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