Monday, March 16, 2009


If you are looking to replace your existing carpet then check out these eco-friendly floors from Green Building Supply.

Marmoleum plank eco-friendly flooring -$3.99 per square foot

Current sale from Green Building Supply.

EcoTimber Bamboo flooring - $3.99 per square foot

Marmoleum Click plank flooring , vertical or horizontal EcoTimber Bamboo, Natural Cork Eco-Cork in 3 styles and EcoTimber FSC Acacia Hardwood flooring are all on sale for $3.99 per square foot. When you have a large area to cover, like a kitchen, living room or hallways, you’ll definitely want to find a good deal, and this is it.

Cork and FSC-Certified Acacia hardwood flooring - $3.99 per square foot

Why It’s Green:
  • Marmoleum: The main ingredient in linoleum is natural linseed oil. It is also biodegradable and incredibly low in toxins, and it clicks together, so there is no need for toxic adhesives.
  • Bamboo: Grows to maturity in just 5 years and can be grown without pesticides. Rapidly renewable.
  • Cork: Harvested from living trees without harming the tree. A single tree can be harvested several times over its lifetime.
  • Acacia Hardwood: It is a fast-growing hardwood, and the fact that it is FSC-certified means that this specific acacia was harvested from sustainably-managed forests.

Price: $3.99/square ft.

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  1. There are different types of eco-friendly flooring today. I liked the ones that you mentioned since they are aesthetically appealing and the materials are renewable. We tried bamboo tile flooring (tampa) when we renovated our living room. It was a good choice since it matched the asian theme of the house. For the bedroom, we used vinyl flooring (tampa) since that type is very durable.

    The other types that you mentioned are interesting. We will try that on our next renovation. Thanks!