Sunday, May 10, 2009

Celebrity Flea Market Finds

I came across this an article about celebrity Flea Market Finds on Here are a few of my favorites.

Constance Zimmer's Book Collection

The actress loves to shop flea markets for vintage editions. The books get displayed around her home and help to create the overall "eclectic, flea-market vibe" she's looking for.

Molly Sims's Chandelier and Chairs

The Las Vegas actress furnished her guest room with chairs and a chandelier found at a Paris flea market. "Sure, it's convenient to go into a shop and buy a ready-made couch or chair," says Sims, "but I think it's more original to customize antiques." And that includes flea-market finds: The actress loves salvaging and recycling cast-off relics with hip fabrics and accents.

Brittany Murphy's Perfume Bottles

"I grew up flea-marketing," says the actress, who has been collecting vintage perfume bottles over the years. Murphy caught the collecting bug from her mother, who owned an antiques store in Edison, N.J., and instilled in her only child an appreciation for heirlooms.

Nicky Hilton's Chanel Tray

A vintage Chanel serving tray, which Hilton scored at an antiques store in the Hamptons, was converted into a side table. "I only buy things that have some meaning to me," says Hilton. "I don’t put objects in my home just because they look cool."


  1. Love the drama of Molly Sims place. It's the best of NYC and Paris in one room..


  2. Great post! Molly Sims and Nicky Hilton's places are my favorites - OH. THAT TRAY~

  3. A princess phone in a pretty color may be nostalgic enough to be catagorized as a decorative collectible object. Thinks about it: it came in lots of pretty colors and it's more or less functionally obsolete! I love the yellow one in Zimmer's collection. Nice post!