Thursday, November 12, 2009

Smitten Sticks

Don't you just love this idea?  These Smitten Sticks are perfect for a photo booth, wedding photo prop or any celebration. 

(Excerpt take from Smittensticks) 
 We're suckers for a great love story, aren't you? 
 (You know the familiar premise: two souls, out there in the world, slowly winding their way toward each other, waiting for that moment when they meet and realize that they were meant to be together all along. And then of course, the best part: they then proceed to live happily ever after.

Now, this particular love story is indeed about soul mates, albeit not in the traditional sense. In this case instead of lovers we have two very unique and talented women, Edyta Szyszlo and Vana Chupp, with a shared love of all things craft, paper, and design. And untraditional is what they do best!

While fate was biding it’s time, waiting for the perfect moment to introduce our two heroines, Edyta & Vana were keeping quite busy, honing their respective talents: Edyta as a highly sought after wedding and product photographer, Vana as a design expert of all things paper. They’d spent their young careers perfecting very unique skills, and generally dazzling everyone they met with their undeniable style and charm. And then one day, the stars aligned, and they met.

It wasn’t long before inspiration struck, and their love-child, Smitten Sticks, was born. Edyta, forever on the hunt for creative, quirky, and clever props for her brides & grooms to incorporate into their wedding photos, had become frustrated by the lack of polished while still charming options available. It dawned on her that in order to get the quality and aesthetic that she and her clients demand, she’d just have to make them herself! She had the inspiration, and Vana was the perfect partner to make her vision come to life.

Together they created Smitten Sticks: handmade paper expressions, mustaches and the like, mounted on a stick for easy hand-holding. They're simple, playful, and perfect for creating fun moments begging to be captured during a wedding, birthday party, or any other celebration rife with photo ops. Luckily for all those indie brides & creative party planners out there, Edyta & Vana are sharing their baby with the world! Available on Etsy, Smitten Sticks are sold in kits and easily assembled. Perfect for wedding photobooths, favors, or polaroids for the couple who are planning a unique, imaginative, and most importantly, fun filled celebration. After all, who knows happily ever after better than these ladies?)

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