Monday, July 20, 2009

HGTV Design Star

My close friend Alissa Sutton was a Semi-Finalist last night on HGTV Design Star. I was so bummed when she did not make it into the house. We used to work together at Cantoni and she is one of the most young talented designers I know. She always thinks outside the box and creates the most beautiful and dramatic interiors. Hopefully she will try out again next year so she can be an inspiration to all.

The BEST DESIGN of the night and one of my favorites was the dining room by Dan and Nathan. I loved the bold map painted on the walls and floor and the hand crafted dining table. The colors on the graphic were bold, but the wood paneled wall on the opposite wall helped balance out the room. I loved it! Great job guys.


  1. I also thought Dan and Nate had the best room! But I always wonder why Design Star never announces the overall WINNER?!?

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  2. I was sad that your friend wasn't voted on the show too! Alissa was clearly the most talented of the three and the only reason she wasn't chosen is because everyone was scared of the competition!

    Loved the Dining Room also!

  3. That is so cool that you know her! I'm such a fan of design star! I liked Dan and Nate's room too. I'm thinking this will be another David Bromstad type season -- with a clear winner :)